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In today’s economy it is becoming increasingly necessary for Israeli companies to expand globally in order to survive; but to do so successfully, working smart in target markets is essential. This is particularly true in the innovative and dynamic environment in which Israeli companies operate in. Spiralis was established in 2011 to to meet the challenges of entering new markets:

  • Regulation
  • Bureaucracy
  • Cultural differences
  • Large geographic area
  • Requires a gradual entry
  • Requires a representative in the area
  • Requires close monitoring
  • Sensitivity to cultural differences which can affect the bottom line
  • Precision marketing tools for target market
  • Branding the differentiates you offer
  • Reputation management and public opinion by using professional PR
Spiralis can help your business grow through successful expansion into new markets.

Our Most Valuable Asset Is Our Team

Spiralis's team is made up of first-class professionals with wide experience in working with Israeli companies facing overseas markets.

In short, our business has always been built to help grow your business. That’s something we focus on with each new project.